#Selbseries | Going foward

I cannot believe I have been writing for Selb Series for almost a year ! If you guys  haven’t noticed, since end of last year, every Thursday, Lully and I take turns to pen down some thoughts, ideas, inspirations as we grow Lully Selb together. To be honest, we are both not regular writers, and we definitely express more in terms of visuals. But we make it a point to inculcate this habit of taking time off and writing a blog every single week. Before I wrote this entry, I was looking back at all the blogposts and its nice to see that these writings showed the journey of 2016; pure hard work, dedication and some fun travels as well. Right at the bottom of my entries ( prob exactly a year ago ) I stumbled upon the post on my new years resolution for 2016 and these were the 3 goals;

1) Stay Positive

2) Getting things in control

3) Think Ahead, Have a Plan, Follow Through

I have to say, those 3 points actually kept me going for this year. There were  of course the bad times and the good times but 2016 has been a year full of blessings and I can’t be more happy than to end this year with a pilgrimage, Insh'Allah.

So whats for 2017?

Wow, been staring at this for almost 10 minutes, not knowing not to want for next year. To keep things simple and straight forward, I hope 2017 will be a smooth, sailing, stable one. It has been a hectic year and I may have neglected spending time with my family and having my own personal space. For now, I wanna focus on these 3 areas;

1) Being physically strong to overcome challenges of 2017

2) Being discipline in following through my schedule so I can have time for family

3) Being the best I can in every little task I do

Lully and I had just mapped out a whole calender of events for 2017 and we cant wait to share with you guys some exciting surprises! Thank you to our #lullyselbsquad, family and friends of the brand.

Before I end this post, here’s a little throwback to the best moment of 2016. Thank you Ibrahim for being there for me at each step and making me realise my greater potential. Almost 1 year with you and we’ve achieved so much together! More fun times ahead and I promise I will exercise and cook a little next year!

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