#LullysLists | 3 workout programs to follow

It's less than three months before 2019 arrives. Have you been having progress with your goals? Or are you currently feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated? For the past few months I have been occupied working on collaborations and developing a small body of work for an upcoming group exhibition in November. In the midst of it all, I've started to gather inspiration for our Eid 2019 prints! 

I admit that I've been neglecting self care and not been exercising consistently. What's worst is that I can feel the difference in my mental well-being! No excuses now! Here are the three fitness influencers and their workout programs I follow.

Cassey from Blogilates is such a women crush! Her bodyweight workouts are simple yet challenging enough (good challenge ok)! She's very encouraging too! How can you not want to finish doing her workouts?! Catch the many videos she have uploaded on her channel

Liv Lo from Fit Sphere infused low impact HIIT with yoga. Sounds a handful? It's totally doable with her guided videos. She emphasize on proper forms when doing basic yoga postures. My favourite would be her tips on doing push ups! She demonstrates step by step tutorial- starting from wall push up then progressing into knees push up and so on. Subscribe and you get access to all the videos for a lifetime! 

While it can get boring to workout alone, sign up for classes at Nawal Haddad Fitness. The classes such as Hatha Yoga, Zumba and Piloxing are available throughout East, Central and West locations for your convenience! I've done two yoga cycles and I'm look forward to their upcoming event month end - Zumba and Piloxing!

 If you've been following our feed, we can't wait to launch our latest collaboration with Nawal and Nadia! They curated modest active wear from brands around the region and we are excited for printed leggings we designed exclusively for Glow Co! Who wouldn't want to workout in style right?! Here's a close up of the print!


Till next time - Lully


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