#lullyslist | Weekend Escapade


Last weekend, my girlfriends of fifteen years and I went for our first trip out of Singapore. Being such adreanline junkie, we went to Sunway Lagoon for a short escapade. Once we checked in at Sunway Resort Suites, we changed into our wet activity gear. I wore my sister’s Burqini with an additional onesie tudung.

We went for dry and wet rides one after another. Unlike the Universal Studio here, we could stay in our seats and request for another ride. My chest felt tired from the screaming and we waited for the waves at the pool. Funny encounters happened!

Once being swept by the waves, our tudung went out of place which made random strangers and ourselves laughed in amusement. However the most epic thing that happened- my friend’s tudung totally came off and it was floating on the water! Looking at her priceless expression swimming for it was hilarious!

Here’s one for the good times we had.

We are grateful to Mal; our new friend who brought us around to enjoy good food and check out places like Bangsar Village, TTDI, Subang Jaya. There’s definitely more places to see. Here are some of the food we had and OOTDs.


Must try- The Boat Noodle


My first Tony Romas’s meal (shared those ribs of course!)


Kulcats serves cool mushroom soup.


The chessetart craze is now here!


These Hokkaido Cheese Tarts were sooo gooood my friends burst into wacky raps while having it!


“Walaupun duit flyin’ this trip so happenin’ from tudung floatin to joget sampai trippin’. No burning calories can’t resist dope cheese ain’t matter how smelly i fart, Love ya’ll with all my heart.”

(I’ll just end this post with a short verse and OOTDS.)

“Budak Singapura ke Subang Jaya, Black Row Marble Peplum dipergaya. So comfy so clean untuk Joe Fliz, we go check out seksyen 15”

Graphic Shawl with Black Zipper Top and Geo pants from Lully Selb


Black Row Shawl with Black Marble Peplum from Lully Selb


Signing off this blog with a playlist from Phat Family- A compilation album of songs by Too Phat and other Malaysian rappers.

Before I end this post, I’d like to say a big thank you to Syah and Hetty for being so supportive throughout my Lully Selb journey!! #lullyselbsquad for life !!!

I still cant believe we’re in Forbes Asia!!!

- Lully

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