#lullyslist | Take a Pause- A Creative Retreat

A few weekends ago, the A team Asha n co, Aida Azlin and Lully Selb held a creative retreat at Alqudwah Academy. We were humbled for the full attendance despite only shouting out about the event in short span of two weeks! 

Juggling adult responsibilities can be tiring and we definitely need some time to ourselves to recharge. So, we decided to gather a group of girls to attend our curated workshop-specially for the tired and inspired!

We had a total of 30 pax and the girls were grouped after a refreshing message.

The ladies took turns and went for a cycle of 3 groups- Rediscover by Aida where she shared about the significance of journaling. This helps to reflect, organize our thoughts and emotions. Rather than keeping any negative thoughts..it's best to put it down on paper. It also helps if we jot down things that we are grateful for each day. 

Rejuvenate by Asha- the ladies learnt about what food to eat when they are experiencing different feelings. I find this very interesting. Never would have thought that this would help with our mental well-being. They even get to make a refreshing green smoothie bowl which wasn't that difficult at all!

Those who came to our little corner get to Release their creative block by exploring Mark Making and creating a Mantra poster. It was quite therapeutic to let the ink flow on paper, making patterns.

Chinese Ink and unconventional art tools were used! It's easy to pick up chopsticks, cotton buds and combs to create marks on paper. 

Adding a quote or mantra for the year complements the mark making.

This is just one out of the three groups. Look at that creativity!

It was a great session and I hope there will be more to come!

psssttt....In celebration of #internationalwomensday, we posted a video of our #lullyselbsquad on what is important for them now. Andddd it's only a few hours left till the end of our giveaway contest on instagram! Try your luck ladies!





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