#lullyslist | Perfect place to get props for Nautical

The photoshoot is happening this Sunday! Selb and I went to recce outdoor areas for our shoot but the weather has been unpredictable these days so we decided to have it done in a studio. Thus, we would really need props for it. We were both thinking, where else can we get a buoy, ropes and complementary accessories?

It gotta be the Army’s Market at beach rd! Here are the stash I came across…

Some colourful rope..

Manila Ropes- We could make do with this but it’s either we buy it for 50m or 3m which is too short.

Got these  Paracord Bracelets for $6 each..

I spent the rest of our budget on this buoy. Perfect for our shoot! The seller was kind enough to let me rent this for a lower price.

Brought this buoy back home…

Look forward to our Behind The Scenes on our Insta Story this Sunday!


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