#lullyslist | Lully Selb 2017 Prints Gallery

It's been another fruitful year with 2 major collaborations that has happened, Sijun and Adlina Anis. It's the time of the year where I look back at all the prints we created for 2017. Let's go way back to Nautical Street collection which we drew our own stripes for the shirt and pants. 

Black Nautical Shawl

Navy Red Shawl

This has got to be one of my favourite prints especially because I don't have this in my wardrobe! It was sold out.

Next up is our Eid: Momento Collection. The original painting was exhibited to raise funds for people with dementia. We had four looks for this collection. 

The shawls were so well received, it was sold out within days!

White Momento

Black Momento

White Pink

Sqaure Momento

The month of July is always extra special as we celebrate the Founders' Birthday. Selb's 3rd July and mine 4th July. It was also the launch of our Prints Collector Plan- Shawl Subscription for our fellow #lullyselbsquad. ( Do check out the plan if you haven't, especially if you have bought a few of our shawls. ) We released 3 special prints which were only available to our subscribers. 

Taupe Graphic

Our signature Graphic Shawl in softer colour- taupe.

Blushed Mashed Up Geometry

Another best seller Mashed Up Geometry in a pinker shade.

Nude Corals- A nude version of Black Corals.

Next, we worked with a  talented special needs artist, Leong Sijun. You can read more about the collaboration- Lully Selb x Sijun here. We hope to continue to support other special needs artist as it really brings more meaning in our work. 

Bright & Sunny

Home for the fox

Home for the Purple Fox

Home for the Beetle

Home for the Birds

Home for the Whale

These shawls were well received and 5% of each shawl purchased were given to Sijun to support his passion and livelihood!

Lasty, the recent collaboration we did before wrapping up 2017. This one was rather challenging as its our first time designing for a snood, onesie and trishawl. Hence , we have worked on it for months starting early this year- Lully Selb x Adlina Anis.

Zellige Onesie 

Girih Snood

Desert Vines Tri Scarf

That's quite a lot of prints in a year and we are already working on new prints for early next year! Something painted, something floral- an ultra special collaboration to kick start the new year. Till the next list!



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