#lullyslist | LS x AA collaboration on Islamic Art

It's 6 more days to the launch of Lully Selb & Adlina Anis special collaboration! We spent almost a year going through designing the shawls, printing samples and deciding on the packaging, colours and so on. Now that the LSxAA team could take a breather, I was reminded of the initial struggles we went through!

When the team decided to draw inspirations from Islamic Architecture for a series of shawls, I was  excited! Yet a part of me feels slightly worried if I could pull it off. Geometric patterns in Islamic Art offers a vast amount of freedom as far as the eyes can see. They are intricate, seamless- smart repeats and offers infinite growth to even add on other types of motifs. It can just somehow work.  To fill up my curiosity, I started my research. 

Apparently, the Islamic craftsmen and artists only used a ruler and compass! No matter how elegant and elaborate the motifs look, it is all based on grids. You can discover about the magic of Islamic geometric design here. (It's easy to digest)

Like me, I assume that not everyone is patient enough to try out this meticulous genre. I wonder how other artists expressed Islamic Art and culture in their creation. Here are some of works that caught my eyes.

Islamic Motif I 4401 painting by artists from Corporate Art Task Force Agency from Pakistan.

Just look at that painterly motifs!

Oriental Dream painting by Nadia Tognazzo from Italy.

The Domes in the painting makes a fresh cityscape imagery.

Oriental Still Life by Tetiana Shuliak from Ukraine.

Van Gogh's Sunflower Still life paintings can't beat this!

Geometric Abstract painting by Igor Bajenov from Germany.

A subtle imagery on geometry. 

Sultan Mosque by Clare Haxby

This is just toooo cute! Nice colours!

I hope you like seeing these pieces as much as I do.  Till next time, look forward to collaboration as we launch the prints in Adlina Anis's signature shawl styles next week!



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