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It's been a week since the launch of new prints by Sijun and Shalom and guess what?! Their prints are sold out! Thank you so much for the overwhelming response!

When I was about to design new prints with Sijun's Underwater series, it felt natural as I've worked with his previous paintings before. This time there are more layers and textures and it was fun to arrange the layout for the shawl designs. Despite the fun, it was quite challenging because the paintings were very colorful with lots of details. We had to make sure every shawl is not too bright and wearable.

This is one cute moment of Sijun I'd like to share. This was told by his teacher Nancy whom he learns painting from.

When Sijun was painting the Butterfly Fish, he was fascinated with the fake eye the fish had on their rear fins. It was found that when constantly threatened with being eaten, small damsel fish not only grow a larger 'false eye' spot near their real eyes.

The fish looks like it is heading in the opposite direction, potentially confusing predatory fish with plans to gobble them up. Sijun was also confused at times and had a little challenge on where to add the mouth of the fish.

Now, meet our new special needs friend Shalom! He has been attending art classes and his painting skills has improved tremendously. Shalom used to paint his strokes in an orderly and repetitive manner. He tends to paint very fast and miss out on details! Shalom enjoys painting lines and his new Landscape series was such a joy to work it. I personally like  Chinese ink as a medium and I truly had fun designing Houses and Mountains shawl.

We are not sure if we'll be able to restock a lot more but please have a look at the designs here and email/DM us if you're super keen. Till next time!


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