#lullyslist| LS experience workshop: Unique Singapore

Last Saturday was a day well spent. We had our long-awaited second workshop during National Day week. Before the workshop started, all of us enjoyed the famous Nasi Lemak from Eunos market; known for its mouth-watering coconut rice, great sambal and simple side dishes options such as egg, fried fish or chicken. I feel like having it again tomorrow!

Every print that we produced has its own unique process and this time we are exploring different techniques. This workshop was extra special with its patriotic theme. Since we rarely do any figurative or illustrative designs for our shawls, it felt fresh to include our local food, icons and places of attraction. But how would one start?  When attempting illustrative designs, we wanted to have a loose and fluid touch to it. Thus we decided to explore drawing with chinese ink and stick. Just like the artist’s Paul Klee quote,’Drawing is like taking the line for a walk.’ If you look at the pictures below, you can see the participants imagining their day out walking around Singapore and making a pit stop to eat Curry Chicken Epok Epok too!

Here are the lovely works by our participants! Look forward to our Singapore Shawl soon!


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