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Sometime three years ago, I remember vividly prior to donning the hijab; I wanted to design prints on shawls. It's an extension of expressing my art. I graduated with a Honors in Fine Arts. In school, I was trained in painting and I get to choose electives like Fine Art photography, tactile video making and printmaking. There are many forms of printmaking and my favourite got to be silkscreen printing. I love it so much that I wanted to changed my major but I couldn't. As I did more research, I learnt that it's possible and there are many designers who designs prints and make them into wearable pieces, upholstery, wallpaper etc. My love for Textile Printing grew even more. My breakthrough was when I created artworks with the intention to produce them into textile prints. Luck was on my side; a designer friend Kae Hana bought my prints and used it in her collection! 

Years later, I turned up to the office where I was working with Selb donning the hijab after months of thinking about it. We both decided to start a modest wear brand and the rest were history. I never would have thought that I would dabble in the fashion industry. Here are some archival pictures when we first debut. 

When designing our shawls, we start out by brainstorming themes and colour palettes. Then we hand illustrate patterns/motifs on paper or digitally on the computer. Once the composition of the design looks resolved, we send it for printing  and produce a sample. This step is important as it will be our last chance to tweak any colour correction and proportion issues. Once finalised, we produce the shawls and they are ready for purchase after uploading it on our website and promoting it on our social media platforms. It may sound overwhelming but we've tried and tested so many ways, now we got them under control. After 3 years of building the brand, we are equipped and ready to provide the resources to let your dreams come you.

#DreamwithLS will be an ongoing campaign where we will be scouting creatives- painters, illustrators, photographers, collage makers who would like to have their creation on fashion/lifestyle products. We hope to support our creative community by having a platform to introduce their creations. 

Sounds exciting? You are eligible to be part of #DeamwithLS  if you have a body of work(portfolio) ready. Write to us hey@lullyselb.com and attached your portfolio or pictures of your recent creations. You can also Direct Message us on instagram to link us up with creative friends who you think are cool to join!

For a start, we have three Dreamers- Karen, Elaine and NanC and here are some sneak peek!


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