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It's a month full of love and there are lots of events to go since Singapore is also celebrating its bicentennial year. I would like to share with you instagram-worthy places I went to for my dates hoping that you would also go with your girlfriends and love ones. 

First, go for brunch at a new halal joint. Tongue tip Lanzhou beef noodles at Tiong Bahru plaza. Choose from 8 types of homemade noodles.The set comes with braised eggs, a variety of side dishes and drinks. 

Fancy meeting #LullySelbSquad there! I was excited when I spotted someone wearing our shawl!

Next, I went for the Minimalism: Space. Light. Object at two sites; Art Science Museum and National Gallery. There's a promotion for Singtel users when you buy tickets for Minimalism exhibition.  While at National Gallery, catch Wu  Guangzhou's Pen and Palette exhibition. Surprisingly, I got free General admission tickets which allow entry to two other local exhibits. Me being me, I need a second trip of course. The best part aside from admiring the artworks is that you get to take loads of artistic ootd and selfies! It's a good time to groom your girlfriends or partners to take good photos. Here are some of them. 

There is this quote which I came across...

'In a room full of paintings, I would still look at you.'

Next up is the exhibition which I had been looking forward to go. The pictures of the artworks doesn't do justice! Need to see them in person and admire the colours and strokes. 

This painting 'Running Stream' was painted in 1988; the year I was born! I love how he infused Western styles in Chinese painting. Since he enjoys writing and poetry, his artworks are accompanied by scrolls of his reflection. 


One of the underated exhibition would be by local watercolorist Lim Cheng Hoe. The similarities between him and Wu Guangzhou is that both had their circumstances and couldn't purse Arts during their youth. I admired their perseverance and passion to find time and make art. 

Lim Cheng Hoe mastered painting watercolor confidently and most of his subjects and themes were people and places in Singapore especially during the olden days. It's really wonderful how he captured the landscapes in fluid washes of colours.

The last pit stop before or after dinner could be iLights across a few landmarks. Mostly by the Singapore river and Esplanade park. Enjoy the waterworks at Clark Quay against the backdrop of our city skyline. If you're lucky you might catch fireworks too. 

The one venue which I've yet to go to be Transporta. The queue was especially long during the weekends! Perhaps I can drop by before it ends. Itf feels great to unwind and taketa stroll like as it one is a tourist. With the many exhbitions and events I hope you get to spend time with your loved ones and capture nice photos. 

Psst: We will be launching #FebruaryFavourites sooooooon! 

- Lully 

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