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Today’s blog it’s an extension from my previous #lullyslist on Terrazzo being used in interior spaces and functional slabs to display cakes and trinkets. 

Ceramics is another fun range of decor pieces to include in homes. Being fine art trained, I appreciate the process in making pots and tiles. Here are some exciting pieces I found on Instagram.

Designer, Karen Johnston own prints - The Print Society  She creates textile prints on cushion covers and more. What I find interesting is that she translates her patterns onto ceramics! Check out the edges of patterned vases. 

The ceramics above are in hardened and it is very fragile. It goes through the first firing process in a kiln( think oven but for ceramics). 

The next best thing after firing the ceramic wares is to glaze them(painting coloured pigments mixed with clay). See here are some examples. Wouldn't it be fun to glaze your own pieces and drinking/ eating from it? Plating your home cooked dishes on beautiful glazed ceramic plates!

Clay adventures by Carly Buteux

 Pastel ceramics by Takeawei

 Planters painted with patterns and solid colours adds personality to your greens! The neutral shades of these planters look so good together. Skip any wall and just have these planters at a corner of your house!


 Ceramics by a trained Architect and designer looks like these -Natascha Madeiski

 Lastly, I'm in love with this Terrazzo vase by Natascha Madeiski too! 

Don't you adore these lovely ceramic pieces? Who would like to attend a ceramic workshop? 

There a lot of ceramic/ potter studio in Singapore and one of the got to be Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle.  Visit for workshops and see the oldest and biggest dragon kiln ever! 

You may also check out Common Touch Craft to buy handmade ceramic wares like this lovely Pink Monstera mug. 


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- Lully 

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