#lullyslist | BTS Let's Makan @ Bugis shawl

It has been a great weekend celebrating Singapore's 54th National Day. I spent 9th August getting bakes from Mother Dough bakery and met lady boss of Limaa. These bakery and clean eating joint can be found on our latest Let's Makan @ Bugis shawl. The long version of the shawl is already sold out! We only have limited pieces square version of the shawl left. 

To be honest, it took me awhile to complete the National Day series shawl as I was quite ambitious! Selb and I agreed to have a new addition of the Let's Makan shawl and I wanted to design a Bicentennial shawl. I went to catch the special exhibition at Fort Canning and learnt about our country's past rich history of 200 years. I'm impressed at the bite sized documentaries and details they put up together. They were so many interesting information and the illustrative videos that got me overwhelmed to design.


Time is running for production so I settled on designing the Let's Makan @ Bugis shawl. Earlier, Selb and I attempted and drew on a huge piece of paper as a draft. Shortly after, I find myself illustrating the selective Bugis Map on my iPad. It was so much fun choosing eateries and drawing their signature dishes. Some are regular favourites like Zam Zam's  Murtabak, Limaa's Acai bowl, Mother Dough bakery's crossaints and flatbread. While some I've yet to try and the new kid on the block; Arabica- a coffee joint orginated from Japan! There are just so many eateries and would like to apologise if I missed out any.

Here are some behind the scenes.

I came across old maps of Singapore for reference.


We had limited run for this prints, shop for the last few square shawl at Limaa or Sahara Shawl. While stock lasts!




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