#lullyslist | BTS for Lully Selb x Sijun & Friends

If you followed our postings on Instagram, I promised a behind-the-scenes of the process for Sijun's Bright and Sunny scenery shawl. Initially when I received photographs of his paintings, I was already in awe. How can I possible add anything to this painting? I wouldn't want to distort the beautiful landscape painting. Stretching the picture on Photoshop wouldn't do justice.So i figured to work around it! Yesss. 

I had an idea to subtly expand his paintings. Instead of adding my painterly strokes, I decided to just expand the colours. Flat solid colors. From afar the image will look as one but a closer look, the contrast complements his painting!

As I had to draft out my ideas, I chose Sakura's Koi watercolour brushes which comes in vivid colours. Hope you enjoy the process I did.

And finally, here is the full image!

We will be launching this Bright & Sunny scenery shawl and two other designs this coming Tuesday 31 October! Stay tuned!


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