#lullyslist | Brand new LS products

It's already coming to the end of March, how is everyone's 2019? It seems like it was only last week that we had our VIP Prints Collectors Club brunch session! Selb and I had already planned ahead last year that we will be launching new products every quarter of 2019. 

Just in time with our popular campaign #LSwithYou, we have two new artists, two printed shawls and printed coasters! We found quality absorbent coasters with great printing finishing which would make statement conversational piece when guests come over . Or gifting ideas for your friends who just got their new house.

The first artist, Jie Wei worked with Selma during last year's BE Collective exhibition. They were inspired by the quaint Perankan houses and tiles along Joo Chiat. Using Batik techniques, they painted Perankan tiles with vibrant colours and interesting wax layers. 

 Jie Wei gifted a square Peranakan Shawl to our honourable Minister Rahayu. This squares shawl is up for grabs! Also, for this new campaign, we created a new peranakan shawls and tiles. We had a fun time shooting the campaign a few days ago. 


Sneak peek of the new shawl and tile coasters.

As for the coasters, we have new series of 6 cohesive prints too. Apart from the handmade polymer clay brooches, we will be launching #LSwithYou shawls and coasters tomorrow! 


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