#lullyslist| 3 events worth checking out this August

The long weekend has ended but nonetheless there are still many events happening this weekend onwards! Here are my top 3 choices!

1) BAYBEATS 17-19 Aug

The annual alternative music event is back, celebrating its 15th years running at Esplanade. I remember going every year during my secondary school and tertiary days. Chasing bands performances from three different venues. The line up of bands this year is great, check it out here. I'm definitely catching the legendary surf punk band Force Vomit and other fresher rap talents like Yung Raja X Fariz Jabba. Enjoy this clip and you will know I what I mean. 

2) Night Festival 17-25 August

Picture Source: Night Festival 

Stroll by the precinct of Bugis and City Hall over the weekend to catch live performances, interactive light display on the facades of Singapore Art Museum and National Museum and free entry to enjoy the exhibitions. Don't miss the Art Market  happening on 25th August! Show some support to local makers will be showcasing their craft.

3) Exhibition- Wu Guanzhong: Expressions of Pen and Palette

I have a huge fascination with Chinese ink as a medium. I've used it for Lully Selb's Blnk Cnvs Eid 2016 collection, picture below. I think it is really great to see modern Chinese painters like Wu Guanzhong who are innovative in their works. 

Exhibition runs 31 August.

We have new prints using Chinese ink together with another special needs boy coming up in September! Super excited for this one. More about my process on my next blogpost. If you need a new shawl in the spirit of National Day and show your patriotism this weekend, we have the Singlish and Lets Makan shawl left! Chope yours here.

 - Lully 


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