#LSS Interview: Fatima Musa

We want to extend a warm welcome to our newest member of the Lully Selb Squad! Fatima Musa has been working in the law industry and used to mull over  donning the hijab. Find out how she made the decision on today’s #LSS interview: 

1) Tell us a little about yourself – how you started to where you are now.

I’d stumbled my way into law without knowing what the profession actually entailed. Somehow, in spite of the endless timelines and unyielding pressures day after day, I still find myself here as I look at it as a way to help solve problems and craft solutions. There are many unrealistic expectations and perceptions of lawyers, and many people fail to realize exactly how unglamorous and unforgiving it can be at times. Nevertheless, I have to admit that at the end of the day, there is a deep satisfaction that comes from helping those who would otherwise be unaware of their legal rights and remedies.

2) We learned that you’d just started to wear the hijab. How did it feel on the first day?

I’ve been thinking about wearing the headscarf for a long time but never really knew how to take the first step. After mulling over it for so long, one day, during the weekend, I just decided to take the plunge and go for it. It was strange at first, yet comfortable and uplifting. It just felt like the natural and right thing for me to do, as part of my belief and faith.

3) What are some of the challenges you initially faced?

Since I am really new to wearing the headscarf, I can’t speak too much about the challenges I face. On the more mundane side of things, my main problems are: (1) being unable to comfortably put on earphones; and (2) not being able to find a Hijab with suitable style and fabric for exercising.  

4) Describe your style sense.

I like a mix of styles, ranging from minimalistic, monochrome, lots of stripes, to streamlined with a bit of a boyfriend style. The truth though, is that most of my wardrobe is monochrome, especially now that I wear the headscarf - it’s just much easier to match!

5 ) How do you stay positive despite your busy schedules?

I try to stay active by taking walks/ jogs with my husband and trying new ways to keep fit. We have recently embarked on a stair climbing routine which is rather painful and mindless yet calming at the same time. Sometimes it’s just the little, simple things that keep me positive amidst a mountain of work and endless deep life questions.  Exercising and chilling with my husband, a bar of Dairy Milk, a cup of tea and a book in hand, quality time with family and friends, hanging out with my little nieces. Most times, it’s the knowledge that I’m actually living a very privileged life compared to the sufferings of so many out there.    

Thank you Fatima for the interview and inspiring us with your gratitude for the simple blessings in life!

#LSS: Do you face any similar challenges when wearing the hijab? Perhaps a Lully Selb sports wear line might be up in the works :) We’ll love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

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