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Hey Mummies, 

We've survived 2 weeks of the Circuit Breaker! Although I have been working from home the past few years, there are still some changes to my weekly routine. The biggest challenge was to replace outdoor/nature play with more home-based activities for my 28 month old toddler. It was a super stressful week trying to set a new routine with the new norm where we have to stay in the whole day and cooked a lot more. 

There are also so many uncertainties with what's happening and Team Lully Selb and I also kept changing our plans as #Covid19 evolved. One of the things we told ourselves is to stay relevant and make sure we continue to let our community stay positive through our work.

We rolled out a series of IG Live, to touch base with our LSSquad and I was so glad one of my good friends Amrita agreed to chat with me. I knew she would be the perfect person to talk about the struggles of WFH + HBL. It was such a great 15 min convo, how I wished I had recorded it! We talked about her parenting philosophy, how she juggles with the new norm, her hopes and fears with the current situation. Here are some of important points I'd like to share. 

1) Setting A Routine
Here is the schedule Amrita sets for her 3.5 year old son. She basically blocks her  day in 3 hours where both adults take turns to take care of their son. FYI, she also blocks out her work calendar and not accept calls/meetings. ( I used to plan Imans schedule by the hour, but I'd like to try this way, because kids sometimes need more time for certain activities)
toddler schedule
2) Predictability and Options
Creating a peaceful environment is important for young children. The way to do that is that we need give them predictability and options.  When you keep repeating the same thing over and over again, there is some kind of structure while giving them options simultaneously so there is still autonomy.  After a while, he knows his schedule. When they choose, they naturally put in more time for the activity. 

3) Staying Positive
Instead of positioning it as a crisis, we can look at it as a time of opportunity. What can we do with the time we have now? I was super stressed when schools were closed but now as his parent I can control and develop the ideal curriculum to home school. 

I really love the last point on looking at this as a window of opportunity. To be honest, I also attempted to plan my dream curriculum for Iman, one that allows her to play, have fun and explore. I tried for 1 week, it went great though we missed one day because she really didn't want to paint but chose clay instead. Will try again for another week before I experiment a different approach.

I framed it this way:
  • Messy Mondays - Sensory Art
  • Tasty Tuesdays/Tasty Thursdays - Food Theme/ Baking / Food Art
  • Walk out Wednesdays - Nature theme
  • Fun Fridays - Abstract, Process base

Messy Monday - Making Oobleck

1) Corn Flour
2) Water ( Pour little at the time )
3) Food colouring
4) Big basin/container
5) Spoon

1) Pour flour into the basin.
2) Add some water bit by bit until it becomes slimy.
3) Add colouring if you want.
4) PLAY! 


sensory art

2) Tasty Tuesday - Spice Painting


1) 4 bowls/cups
2) 4 brushes
3) Spices (used Chilli powder, curry powder, tumeric, cinnamon powder)
4) White Paints (can be replaced with yoghurt)
5) Papers

1) A spoon of white paint with a few spoons of the spice.
2) If the paint gets too thick, add a bit of water.
3) Make all the colours you want. We tried 4 types.
4) Start painting.

sensoryartSensory art

sensory art

sensory art

We continued when she woke up from her nap to tear the painted pieces into strips and pasted layers of sand.

3) Walk out Wednesdays - Tree


1) Washable Paints

2) Masking Tapes

3) Paper


1) Use masking tape and paste on paper to form silhouette of a tree (you can change the subject matter.) *Don't forget to also stick on your clothes to remove the stickyness
2) Paint over the whole paper.
3) Remove tapes.

You can paint with brush, roller, sponge and for Iman, she used her hands most of the time. 

sensory art

sensory art

sensory artsensory art

Tasty Thursdays - Watermelon Painting

No photos as we didn't manage to do, but this was my inspiration. 

sensory art

Fun Fridays  - Abstract Painting

1) Canvas Board (can replace with drawing paper and use another base)
2) Paints
3) Cling Wrap (can replace with plastic sleeves)

1) Pour paints directly onto a canvas board. Colours I suggest keep it to 3 or 4.
2) Wrap the board with a cling wrap.
3) Spread the paint.
4) Remove cling wrap.

sensory art

sensory art

sensory art

sensory art

Feel free to share with your mommy friends who are running out of ideas for their little ones.

Stay home, stay in!




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