Guestblog | For the love of plants with Norazee

To explore more about the latest theme for our series on plants , we're so fortunate to catch the busy Norazee, an established make up artist, founder of ISHQ,, and a plant enthusiast. She was kind enough to open her home to us, which was literally filled with greens and 3 fluffy cute cats. 

We sat down with Norazee and chatted about business, covid19, diets and of course, plants. Not only was her home beautified by these plants she’d been growing, she also knew all the scientific names! Don't mess around with her! She could name all the plants that were on our LS Plant T-shirt while showing the real life ones at her balcony. 

Let's dive into the short interview.



1) When did you start taking care of plants and why?

I have a balcony which gets pretty good lighting and a few years ago, my friend Shiqin commented how I should start caring for plants because the space was perfect. I was like, ok. Then one day, I got a small plant and the collection just grew exponentially from there. Lol.

2) If one wants to start planting, what's your advice? And what's the easiest, prettiest plant to start with?

There is no such thing as a “green thumb”. It’s all science and also the art of commitment. Be aware of the lighting available in your house and start from there. Easiest plants to start with are philodendrons! And please start with cheap plants to experiment with lighting and water!

3) What's your favourite plant?

My absolute favourite (which means the ONE plant I would save in an emergency) is my Philodendron Billietiae. I had him (yes, I give them genders lol) when he was tiny and had 4 leaves and now he’s massive!


4) What kept you going this year?

My husband, who is an absolute rock, never ceases to remind me that even during the hardest times, we’re so fortunate to always be surrounded by people who love us and there’s always food on the table and a roof over our heads. Also my cats. Oh my cats. They’re funny and stupid and they keep me going!


Thank you Norazee for spending the afternoon with us, what a calming cosy home she has. 

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