Guest Blog | Founder's Birthday featuring Noorindah Iskandar

As part of the Founders Birthday Blog series, we would like to highlight another #LSSquad member; Noorindah (@noorindah). She's the girl behind the website, copywriting and you might have seen her around too during LS events (back when we could have them...)!

Here's a quick interview session to know more about Noorindah:



1) Tell a bit about yourself and something we don't know about you

Hi ladies, I'm Noorindah and I'm usually the one behind the scenes and not in front! In my past life I was a branding and marketing consultant and used to work in New York. In my current life, I'm also the founder and writer of Shy & Curious, a blog that's all about exploring taboo topics like sex, love and relationships without shame or guilt! I'm quite the open book so I doubt there's something I haven't shared yet.... oh wait, I have a phobia of blood! I faint when I see or hear about gruesome accidents and it's something that's passed through my family. And yes, menstruation blood is the exception...

2) How has working for Lully Selb changed you?

I wouldn't have had the chance to have Selb and Lully in my life for one thing! When I first moved back to Singapore from New York, it took me a while to find my bearing after being away for so long. I would say the girls are my first real 'new' friends I made in my transition back and it's funny because while I love fashion, I would have never known about the modestwear industry. It's been such a learning journey navigating the ups and downs of the industry together, meeting other amazing peers in the business and just being there for each other in our own personal lives. These are the girls who've been there for me at every significant milestone in the past 6 years and I can't imagine life without them otherwise!

3) What is your dream birthday celebration?

Wow, I've never thought about it! I'm a Leo so while I really get super excited in the countdown to my birthday – on the actual day I prefer being lowkey like doing solo staycations and journalling away. But since we're on the topic of dreams, I would love to wake up in a nice resort with breakfast by my (future) partner, then laze together by the beach with the sun in my face and wind in my hair and finally have a big bonfire dance party with all my loved ones from all over the world and laugh about all the crazy adventures we've gotten into to end up exactly at that spot. 

4) What is your wish this year?

Well apart from the obvious of wanting this pandemic to be over and for us to reopen, I've actually been quite lucky this year in terms of the work and community I've been building with Shy & Curious.  Most of the milestones I've mapped out to happen within 3 years have occurred in just these few months! If there's something I would wish for, I'll love to spend more time writing and meeting people for Shy & Curious through workshops. There's just so many ideas but not enough hours in a day!

5) What's your biggest challenge these past months as the pandemic continues?

Like most of us out there, there's this sense of life being stagnant or like for every one step forward, we're taking two steps back. With every restriction, you start missing the simple things you take for granted like going for workout classes, hanging out in the cafes, and just chilling with friends. There's also this strange line between trying to live in the now and be mindful versus being anxious about the unknown future. I'm very grateful of course that in these uncertain times, it's actually helped me through my personal growth by understanding the values I have and what I truly appreciate and need in life. I'm still optimistic there's light at the end of this tunnel!

6) What is your favourite piece from the Founders Birthday collection?

I'm always in black so when I saw Chroma Quartz Shawl it was love at first sight! It's such a standout statement piece and also goes back to some of our signature prints like Glitch. I usually use my LS shawls as a wrap or drape it around my neck to add some colour to my monochrome outfits. 


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