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#LSS Interview: Nawal Haddad

Nawal Haddad is an inspiration for those who dream of following their passion. Not your typical fitness instructor, she is the face behind Nawal Haddad Fitness that focuses on hijab friendly classes in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. We find out more about her, how she stays positive and how you can keep your resolution to be fit! Tell us a little about yourself – how you got started to where you are now. I'm your next door, big jungle-curly-haired girl.I started out as a fitness instructor back in 2013. After about a year or so, I realised the business had a real market for muslim women. I began to understand their struggles of finding a fitness outlet, where they could...

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#LSS Interview: Selma and Huda

We believe in not letting stereotypes define us. We are the go-getters, dreamers, creatives, listeners, hustlers, caregivers, peace-makers, artists, writers, readers, film-makers, teachers, musicians, skaters, whoever we want to be.We are the Lully Selb Squad and these are our stories.    Selma Bamadhaj 'Selb'Co-founder, LULLY SELB Tell us a little bit of yourself- like how you got started to where you are now. I'm trained in Fashion Design from University of Huddersfield/Nafa and after graduation, I worked in the industry for a while, from designing to merchandising and styling. After about 2 years, I decided to take a detour and joined an Art Education company where I taught visual arts to children. That was where I met my partner Lully. Finally after...

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