#LSS Interview: Katherine Yeung

In the light of Chinese New Year, we speak to our #lullyselbsquad Katherine Yeung, a new muslimah who celebrates two festivities. Let's get to know more about her personal experiences.
1) Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do during the weekdays and weekends.

I have recently embarked on a mid-career switch to teaching and I'm currently taking my post-grad diploma in Education.  Weekdays are spent attending classes and tackling assignments and group projects. On weekends, I put work aside to spend family and couple time with my husband, or catch up on Netflix and close friends.

2) We heard you've embraced Islam since you got married. How is it like celebrating both Hari Raya and Chinese New Year?

We love that we get to celebrate twice a year, and enjoy the goodies and festivities. In fact, I have a small family in Singapore, so the Hari Raya celebration is even more major than CNY! Family time is important for my husband and I, so we look really forward to them each year. At the heart of it, both celebrations bring families together to share good meals, long conversations and fun games. 

3) What is your take on modest fashion/dressing ? Any style icons in the modest fashion that you like?

I admire hijabi sisters who seem to carry modest fashion so effortlessly (but I know it is far from effortless!). Recently, I've been going for the feminine minimalist look (think flowy sleeves or bottoms, as well as whites, nudes and blush colour palettes). There isn't a particular style icon I follow, but I do get addicted to surfing through Pinterest for Hijab outfits inspirations.
4) Any thoughts of wearing the hijab? Have you tried wrapping a shawl around your head ? How does it feel like?

Although I have not embraced wearing the hijab permanently, I do attend Quran classes once a week, so I do don the hijab when I'm there. There are also opportunities to wear one when I am at religious gatherings or attending talks at the mosque. At first, I feel conscious and constantly get distracted while wearing it. I'm thinking -- how does it look? Is it falling off? Did I pin it securely? Is my hair showing? People are staring at me. What are they thinking? The list goes on. However, the more I wear it, the more confident I am with it. I may not be wearing the hijab now but, Insh'Allah, one day.

5) What is your impression of Muslims then and now?
I've always had close Malay friends since I was in primary school, and they are such open and friendly people. I've had many opportunities to understand Islam even back when I was in school, so I've always had a good impression of Muslims. I have seen the beauty in the teachings of Islam, and it is truly sad that our religion has been cast in the bad light by the media. 

6) Who's in your squad?

I love both Alicia Keys and Audrey Hepburn. They are classy, confident and elegant. They believe in the good of people and inspire others to be kind to others. To me, that's beautiful.


7) And what's the 1 thing you want to achieve this year?

Hoping to put my running shoes back on to achieve better health and fitness! 

Thank you Katherine for the interview and sharing some insights on your personal journey. Team Lully Selb wishes you a very Happy Lunar New Year and a prosperous, healthy, successful year ahead.

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