#LSS Interview: Nawal Haddad

Nawal Haddad is an inspiration for those who dream of following their passion. Not your typical fitness instructor, she is the face behind Nawal Haddad Fitness that focuses on hijab friendly classes in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. We find out more about her, how she stays positive and how you can keep your resolution to be fit!
  • Tell us a little about yourself – how you got started to where you are now.
I'm your next door, big jungle-curly-haired girl.I started out as a fitness instructor back in 2013. After about a year or so, I realised the business had a real market for muslim women. I began to understand their struggles of finding a fitness outlet, where they could express themselves without the worry of men around. So i expanded my network of instructors and focused on set intentions of creating a community for these women. When i got the hang of it, I began to build my clientele and started providing services to companies, schools and organizations.
  • How do you stay positive despite your busy schedules?
Exercise pretty much keeps me going. I always talk about the boost of happy hormones! With exercise, your body produces endorphines. With that, you handle challenges better and feel happier throughout the day.
  • Describe your style sense/ Name your style icon

Colour! I almost don't own anything black. I love monochromes & asymmetrics.

  • Who's in your squad? (e.g. who keeps you inspired, motivated, sane)

My husband - my male Cheerleader & my mum, for always supporting me (with her great cooking) in every single second of my life and in every single thing that i do.


  • 3 things people don't know about you. 

1) No coffee, no carrying on with the day

2) I studied science & wanted to be a scientist

3) Combed my hair probably 10 times my entire life


  • What is your number one ground rule for anyone who want to start a healthy lifestyle?
Find something EASY, be realistic and  never be over ambitious.. you'll most likely follow through.

If you're looking to kickstart a new fitness routine or spice up your current one with fun classes like Zumba, Piloxing and Yoga, check out the latest class schedule at her Facebook page Nawal Haddad Fitness.

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