#LSS Interview: Selma and Huda

We believe in not letting stereotypes define us. We are the go-getters, dreamers, creatives, listeners, hustlers, caregivers, peace-makers, artists, writers, readers, film-makers, teachers, musicians, skaters, whoever we want to be.

We are the Lully Selb Squad and these are our stories.


Selma Bamadhaj 'Selb'
Co-founder, LULLY SELB

  • Tell us a little bit of yourself- like how you got started to where you are now.

    I'm trained in Fashion Design from University of Huddersfield/Nafa and after graduation, I worked in the industry for a while, from designing to merchandising and styling. After about 2 years, I decided to take a detour and joined an Art Education company where I taught visual arts to children. That was where I met my partner Lully. Finally after years of teaching, I decided to go back to where my passion lies. Lully and I had been talking about this and since she just donned the hijab early this year, there was no better time to start our own line of clothing. Hence, the birth of Lully Selb.

    • If you could go back in time to 5 years ago, what would you tell your former self?

    1) Don't be too stressed coz everything will be alright.

    2) Don't be afraid, just keep trying and exploring.

    3) Don't waste time, learn something new everyday. 

    • Whats your fashion no-no?

    Going too matchy matchy – that's so yesterday !  Don't ever go aboard with accessories, colours, textures all in one outfit. Don't use clashing colours and accessories when less is more especially for those wearing hijab.

    • Name your style icon.

    Victoria Beckham and Audrey Hepburn 

    • What's your signature style tip or advice you can give to the LSS?

    Even if you're into good bargains and cheap deals, have at least 1 item in your outfit that is of good quality, good fabrics, good cutting, good fit. A great outfit is one that fits well! When in doubt, an all black get up with red lips and a pair of great shoes never go wrong!

    Nur Rulhuda 'Lully'
    Co-founder, LULLY SELB

    • Tell us a little bit of yourself- how you got started to where you are now 

    I got interested in art when I was in Secondary 3. I remember painting on tote bags and shoes.. Taking customized orders for friends too! Making my decision to enter LASALLE wasn't easy. My dad was quite reluctant but I cried and begged to convince him. I told him that I can't imagine myself not pursuing the arts. My family finally began to understand my passion after attending one of my live art shows in school. Of course it wasn't easy after graduation but Alhamdulillah they are very supportive of Lully Selb. 

    • Who's in your squad?

    My personal #designheroes squad who always inspire me includes artists and designers like Yayoi Kusama, Luli Sanchez, Tsumori Chisato, Eley Kishimoto. 

    • Name your style icon
    Twiggy and Gwen Stefani.

    • Whats your fashion no-no?

    Never leave the house if you have a doubt about your outfit – your first instinct is always right!

    •  Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to be in your shoes?

    Comparison is the thief of joy. Stay true to your craft and always remember why you are doing what you do.

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